5 best crystals for protection

There are some questions often be asked: What crystals can be used to protect us from toxic people and their energy? What crystals could protect us from negative thoughts and change to positive thinking pattern? 

There are 5 best crystals for protection below are considered helpful:

1. Black tourmaline 

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal for protection. It could protect you from being attacked from people around you, either it is from physical or spiritual.

It also blocks you from all negative energy or thoughts around you. Leaving you the space with neutrality, you will feel safe and calm.

2. Black obsidian


Black obsidian is a strong power healing crystal which could absorb all your negative energy, it needs to be cleansed frequently.

It is also a healing stone help you to find out the deep reason why you have such negative thoughts and to solve the problems from the root.

3. Clear quartz

clear quartz

Clear quartz is a very dynamic crystal, it could absorb your negative energy and attract positive one. It also be used as an energy amplification tool when combining with other protective crystals.

Wearing it as necklace or bracelet could shield you from negativity. 

4. Pyrite


Pyrite is also known as 'fool gold', it's not only a healing crystal for attract wealth and success, but also a crystal for protection.

Pyrite protects you from the negative environment and manifest positive energy into your mind.

5. Amethyst

amethyst cluster

Amethyst is widely accepted as the healing stone for the third eye chakra, it helps us to connect with our spiritual world. It also help us to fight against overwhelming and stress, it is the guardian of our peace and calm.



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