7 stages of spiritual awakening

More and more people in the world begin to talk about spiritual awakening. Below are 7 stages of spiritual awakening that most people experienced :

Stage 1: Suffer
The beginning of awakening is often caused by some major events in life, such as the death of relatives, the breakdown of marriage, the departure of partners, unemployment, economic crisis, confusion of life, experience on the verge of death, etc. These painful experiences of loss force us to face the impermanence of life and pursue the answer of life.


Stage 2: Spiritual experience
In this process, most people will experience the energy flow of the body, full of love in the heart and feeling the connection of all things.

Stage 3: Exploration
Because of curiosity about the second stage of mysterious experience, we begin to question our past cognition and become curious about spirituality.

We began to search and explore to know what happened. At this time, the spiritual world seems to suddenly open the door to us, and countless spiritual knowledge flows into your eyes. You will be surprised to find that the spiritual world is much larger and deeper than expected.


Stage 4: Lost
Suddenly one day you lost contact with the universe. At this time, you begin to get lost and can no longer feel love in your heart.

At the same time, the traumatic events of the past begin to come back again, and you will always feel inexplicable pain and despair. You find that everything around you seems to lose its meaning overnight, and you begin to lose your enthusiasm and confidence in life. All the things you once cared about and loved are no longer important.

This loss, dilemma, despair and pain force you to face your inner pain, reflect and pursue the answer to "who am I".


Stage 5: Breaking through the shackles
Finally, you come out of the lost. You realize that all the past cognition is just the projection of your mind, so you begin to try to break all the past cognition and reshape your life.

Stage 6: Reconnect with love
You begin to feel love again and your heart is full of compassion. You understand the meaning of life and realize that you are one with the universe and love.

The world is made up of love. You begin to reconnect with love, and your perception expands greatly.


For the people and stuffs around you, you begin to be grateful and love from your heart. And you start some regular spiritual training: meditation, yoga, mindfulness, reading positive books, participating in public welfare activities, helping others, etc.

You no longer prove your value through external recognition, because you fully understand that all wealth comes from your heart, love is in your heart, and the universe is in your heart.

Stage 7: Completely surrender

You fully understand that all changes are unnecessary. Because every moment is the best arrangement of life. Everything is perfect without change.

The only thing you need to do is surrender to every moment and experience the miracle and perfection of every moment of life. Because you are love.

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