9 healing crystals for depression

1. Rose quartz 
rose quartz

Rose quartz is the mother of healing stones, the soft pink color soothes heavy hearts. It contains full of feminine energy which can help the user through difficult times. The rose quartz is a heart healer which can bring the light and love into your life. It arouses users sense of self-care and conveys the feelings of love and respect. It is incredible useful when assisting with heart healing.

Wearing rose quartz jewelry will bring you imperceptible efficacy for curing depression.


2. Tiger eye

tiger eye

When depression continues make you down and you feel needs a boost of energy, Tiger eye is always the priority.

One symbol of depression is lost all the interests, ppl who got depression just lay in the bed and doing nothing. It always be seen as lazy by misunderstanding.  Depressed people use up all their energy even when they get up from bed. Sometimes they prefer to fall asleep to escape from the painful world.

 Tiger eye could help you starting from changing your mind, it makes you believe you are strong, you are powerful and you have the full of energy to change the situation. This healing stone always could lift you energy up to an upper level. Dispel the negative mind and energy and refresh with positive and optimistic ones.

Simply wear them in what way you want and you will feel the benefits in short time.


 3. Citrine


The yellow color means happiness, lucky and sunlight energy. When you feel down and sad, the citrine will cheer you up. It is the great stone for those who struggle with depression, having suicidal thoughts, helping you to find the meaning of their lives and picking up the courage to continue to live.

 Citrine is full of positive energy, it is a stone to help pierce the darkest clouds with its bright light, it will lift you up in the most down period.


4.Clear quartz

clear quartz

 Clear quartz is a powerful crystal for cleansing and balancing. It is often used with other stones who are coping with depression to enhance their functions.

 The clear bright feature makes it great for clearing the hard feelings and negative mind.

It helps not only the spiritual level but also physical level. It could help boosting your immune system and improving concentration ability.


5. Smoky quartz

smoky quartz

 Smoky quartz is a must have healing crystals for depression, it helps eliminating the suicidal thoughts and fear.

 Many depressed person find their depression is periodical, the suicidal thoughts goes and comes back. The smoky quartz could help to assist the treatment of reducing the frequency of suicidal thoughts.

 Smoky quartz is a ground stone which can keep clearing negative energy and pulling you back to focus on healing yourself.




 Aventurine has a beautiful green color which could make you calm at the first glance.

The green color presents hope of life, it makes you do deep thinking of you life and helps finding out the meaning of your life.

 It is also a stone brings you personal power and assertive action which will help you feel more control of your life.


7. Black obsidian

black obsidian

 Black obsidian is a powerful protector stone. The black color presents strong willing and determination. It only be used for whom really decide to deal with their depression and dark thoughts right now. It is also the stone of the root chakra which enhance the inner strength that is needed to overcome depression.


8. Sunstone


 Sunstone is a healing stone helps for seasonal affective depression. Some people get depression because of the lack of sunlight and long dark nights. This stone could fill this vacancies, it can bring the power of the sun down into the root of you being.

It warms the craving depressed person to overcome the feelings of fear and stress, to stand out and embrace the lovely world.


 9. Moonstone


 Moonstone is a healing stone full of feminine energy, it's soft white color remind you to recognize how beautiful human beings you are.

The moonstone reminds you that all things could pass, the moon changes cyclically, the life will embrace new phrase anyway. During dark time it seems we stuck there and feeling hopeless and lost, but the cyclical makes us recognize the bright future is waiting in front of us sooner of later.


Disclaimer: Healing crystals are kind of assisting of treating depression and other mental health issues, they cannot substitute medical advice. Professional help is suggested for any of issues mentioned above.

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