Application of crystal in chakra

In addition to the actual body, we also have a group of energy bodies containing various energy channels, widely known as meridians or nadis.

When the energy flow in these channels slows down or blocks, we will get sick; when the energy can flow freely, we will live in a state of physical, mental, emotional and soul health.

There are many kinds of treatments to cure people by strengthening the free flow of energy in the energy body, from acupuncture to Reiki. So is crystal healing It can be used in energy bodies, especially in chakras.

healing crystal

What is a chakra?
Chakra is literally translated as "chakra" in Sanskrit. It exists where two or more energies meet in the body.

Chakra is the midpoint of energy collection and the place where it is easiest to exchange energy with the outside world. For those who can see energy, chakra looks like a sphere or wheel, so it is called "chakra" .

Many eastern traditional cultures talk about seven chakras along the midline of the body and along the spine from the bottom to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with a part of the body, possibly an organ or a gland.

In addition to the seven main chakras, there are many smaller chakras. Some people think there are nearly 440, but we just need to focus on the seven main chakras.


The balance and serial state of the chakra will constantly change. A healthy chakra is very elastic, vibrates and moves slightly inside and outside in balance; however, sometimes the chakra will be out of balance, and it will take a little time to return. This is the time when the chakra needs to be healed.

Crystals suitable for the seven chakras, each chakra strengthens a specific quality at the physical, psychological, emotional and soul levels. When all chakras are in a balanced and connected state, many positive feelings can be felt, and chakras are also related to these concepts.

You can place the crystal directly on the point of the chakra or around the chakra for healing. You can also put the crystal on the point where you feel pain or discomfort. Crystals can help gather energy directly into the body in order to get the most energy from the most needed points. Using crystals on chakras can prevent and heal diseases at the same time.

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