Crystals for beginners, 7 ways to cleanse crystals

Crystal is the gift of time.

It has accumulated and grown in the rock for thousands of years. It has traveled thousands of miles to come to you and has a more vivid journey of life together.

It has the original pure energy of nature, the function of memory, and can absorb negative energy as well. Therefore, the newly bought crystal must be cleansed to input the new owner's information into the crystal. Cleanse regularly is important to maintain the crystals' function.


There are 7 ways to cleanse crystals:

1. Crystal cluster / crystal cave


Put the crystal on the natural crystal cluster or in the crystal cave to achieve a great purification effect.

Because the energy of the crystal cave and cluster will form a cycle by itself, the crystal will also accept this cycle when placed on it, so as to drive away the negative energy and return to its own vibration.

In addition, the crystal cave is originally a small cave, so the top of the crystal will point to the center, which can concentrate the energy. It can be regarded as the energy circle formed by the crystal itself, so the energy is very stable. This is the most effective and powerful cleansing method.

2. Rubble crystal method

white crystal

Take a clean empty container (not limited to container material) for placing cleansing stone; Unpack the packing bag and pour an appropriate amount of natural white crystal stones into the prepared container; Put the crystal jewelry to be cleansed on the white crystals; It can be taken out after a few hours, or it can be placed for a night to fully supplement its energy.

3. Basking in the morning and sunset

The energy of morning light and sunset is mild, which is more suitable for the balance of crystal energy.

Before 10 o'clock in the morning or after 16 o'clock in the afternoon, put the crystal in a position that can be directly exposed to the sun, such as balcony and window (do not separate glass, and do not put paper or inflammables next to it ), and shine for 1 ~ 3 hours.

Amethyst, lapis lazuli, garnet, rose quartz and rubric are easy to fade due to strong sunlight. In addition to degaussing for the first time, it is recommended to bask in moonlight at ordinary times.

4. Moonlight
The 15th and 16th of the lunar calendar is the time when the moon shine is the most brightly (a few days before and after is also OK). Put the crystal where it can be exposed to the moonlight directly, and the cleanse will be done in the morning.

5. Small water flushing
Rinse the crystal under the faucet for about 10 minutes (turn it down as much as possible to save water. This method is not suitable for lapis lazuli).

6. Aromatherapy

Friends who usually like aromatherapy, sandalwood or sage can put the crystal within a distance of half a meter and let the winding cigarettes purify the crystal, but remember to prevent fire.

7. Nature's methods

Put  crystals in the stream for 15 minutes ( please prevent being washed away);
When enjoying the fresh air in the forest and park, take off the crystal and put it next to the tree for half an hour;
Or put it on the lush green potted soil at home, or between branches for 8 hours (avoid strong sunlight).

Notice: Cleansing at least once a month.

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