5 healing crystals for forgiveness and letting go

Forgiveness is not that easy sometimes in real world. No matter it's because of a cheated relationship, a friend lied and hurt you or incompetent parents...

At some points of our life, we all feel anger, hurt and sad, we feel it's not possible for us to forgive the person who hurt us. 

letting go

But finally... we will find forgiveness is not about others, it's about ourselves.

If we keep the anger, the hurt and all the negative emotions with us, we will be the person who is keeping hurt ourselves. The result will appear in all the areas of our life, e.g. We keep a distance from other male/female so that it is difficult to find true love, we keep the mind that even our parents don't love us, so we are not worth anything beautiful in the world...

Forgiveness is ...to forgive ourselves.

To forgive ourselves are not perfect, we all make mistakes, we need to accept that and grow stronger with that.

Healing crystals are not magic medicine, but if we could use them in a right way, they will help us on our way to finish forgiveness and letting go.

There are 5 healing crystals for forgiveness and letting go below:

1. Rose quartz

The first one should be mentioned is rose quartz for sure. 

Rose quartz is the represent of unconditional love. Understanding the world does not run according to one's wishes, everything happened with a deep reason we might don't know yet. Look at the world more leniently, we will find it's not that hard to forgive and let it go.

Every time when we holding the rose quartz in hand, we could feel the warm, lovely energy is injecting to our body and mind. We are surrounding with unconditional love.

2. Rhodonite


Rhodonite is such a kind of beautiful crystal that people is hard to have thoughts of hate once they just have a glance of it. 

Rhodonite is a powerful healing crystal for forgiveness and letting go, it will increase our ability to love and be compassionate. It will help us getting out of the stressful situation gradually and living a peace and calm life.

3. Pink opal

pink opal

Pink opal is another great healing crystal for letting go.

It is a crystal to help us to be in a calm mood, it's also the healing stones for the heart chakra which let up open our heart to receive and give love.

4.Blue agate

blue agate

Blue agate is known as the healing crystal for the throat chakra.

Some fight and hate starts from horrible communication which leads to misunderstanding, the blue agate could help us enhance our communication skills and forgiveness becomes more easier between two calm parties.

Simply using blue agate when meditation, you will feel the energy from the stone.

5. Obsidian


Obsidian is a strong powerful crystal with could open and enhance your root chakra. It will clear all your negative emotions and release the burden on your shoulder.

It helps more about forgiving yourself. Clearing the negative thoughts and leaving more space for negative ones will give you freedom and make you understand what is more important in your life -  that is peace and love.

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