Healing crystals for sleep

Have a nice sleep is very important for both our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering sleep disorder due to the faster pace of life.

Crystals are known as a natural tool to induce relaxation for sleep. Different kind of crystals has slightly different functions for curing sleeping disorder, finding the most useful one for you is very important.

Below are some healing crystals for sleep.

1. Amethyst


Amethyst is the healing stone for the third chakra which could connect to your spiritual world. Simply put a small piece under your pillow or  put a amethyst cluster near your bed, this hight energy crystal will leave you with a peace and calm environment immediately.

2. Selenite

selenite tower

Selenite is well-known as the cleansing crystal, it could clean all the negative energy and leave the space for the positive one. You will feel refreshed the next morning. Selenite is a strong recommended crystal for sleep disorder.

3. Moonstone

moon stone

Moonstone is a gentle vibration crystal, simply put it near your bed under the moonlight, you will feel the magic of crystal energy immediately. During the night, your body will be surrounded full of gentle energy, and you could feel the negative minds are fading away gradually.

The next morning you will wakeup with a relax mood.

4. Clear quartz

clear quartz

Clear quartz is the crystal which could enhance other crystals effects near it, put it close to the crystal that you want to solve your sleeping problems, you will get more results.

The other way to use clear quartz to solve sleep disorder is to hold it in hand, thinking about the matters affect your sleep, then put the clear quartz under your pillow. The negative minds will be absorbed and cleaned automatically.

5. Smoky quartz

smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is known as stress reliever, it could help to improve your sleeping quality and to rectify emotional blockages.

Smoky quartz is a perfect crystal for relieving stress and calming down whole body and mind.


Note: Some people feel uncomfortable to have a crystal near their body during sleep, that maybe because the crystal's energy is too high for them to handle. For those cases, please put the healing crystals further from the bed.



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