How to program crystals / set crystal intention?

Many crystal beginners have the same question, how to program crystals / set crystal intentions? Today our article will give an answer for you.

Why we want to program a crystal?

We all know every kinds of crystal has it's own general function, e.g. Amethyst makes people calm, rose quartz helps to receive and give love. But what if we need a specific help from the crystal? This is the time crystal programming can be used.


How to program crystals /  set crystal intention?

step1: Cleanse the crystal

step2: Sit in a quiet and peace environment

step3: Put the cleansed crystal in your palm of both hands, put it upon in front of your head with two thumbs towards your third eye chakra

step4: Focusing your mind on your crystal, repeat the sentence three times loud out in your mind: 'I program this crystal for.....(your purpose/intense)'

Is crystal program / set intention is a must?

No, it's not a must, programming crystals could help you more efficient with a specific purpose for you own. It gives the crystals a clear instruction what you want them to do for you. They will find a way automatically to assist you with your request. But your request /intension can't exceed their general characteristics.

If you don't program crystals, they still will help / protection in  their general way.

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