To those kind-hearted friends with depression

Many people are suffering from depression because they are too nice. When something unfair happened to them, they habitually blame themselves rather than look at the facts objectively and share their opinion.

They take care of all the people's feeling around them, only ignore themselves. They choose to ignore the little hurts day by day, year by year.. Finally, all the things are out of their control, depression comes.


 The situation gets worse and worse, since the depression will make them think they are useless and can't find the meaning of life, then suicidal thoughts comes.

 It is hard to change the pattern of the way they think, but the first step is to aware of the problem.



 There are too many books tell us how to be a nice person, but for those kind of depressed person, they are nice by nature. They don't need someone to teach them how to be nice. They need to focus on themselves firstly, put themselves on the first place and be more "selfish".

They will find their definition of 'selfish' in other people's eyes is still 'too nice'.  They may get hurt by other people's 'too selfish' from their point of view. But the world is made up of different cultures  and concepts. Learning how to accept difference is also a lesson for them.

 Sometimes I personally feel depression is a disease of the progress of human civilization. Our material civilization has developed rapidly, but we lost our natural attributes. We seldom have enough time to enjoy the natural world, to watch the moon and stars in the sky, to observe the sunrise and sunset, to taste life slowly.


 Therefore, human development to a certain stage began to be eliminated by nature, we get different kinds of disease, diabetes, cancers…depression is one of them.  The amount of human beings are reduced by the cycle of nature. So change or suffer, that's a choice, the number of depressed person are increasing, there must be something wrong of the society. So the 'nice 'depressed person should stand out, shout out their opinion, since they know if they are the main stream of the society, the world will be much more easier and happier.


 But this kind of people are limited by their nature, they are too nice, sometimes means 'too soft'. They need more inner power and be stronger in mind.

 At this point, the healing crystal could help, the energy from the nature is much stronger then we thought. If we can't stand up by ourselves, we need something to assist us.

The black obsidian is such a strong crystal who could make the user become more confidence to control their life. It's also a stone to enhance the leadership. It has connection with the root chakra which could stabilize our life and insert strong power into our mind. It is a healing stone for those depressed person who really determine to change, otherwise it's power is too strong to handle.


Again,  crystals could only assist for healing our mind,  for those who struggle with depression and other mental issues, medical advise and professional treatment are suggested.


copyright: Stone Whisper

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