What is anxiety and crystal for anxiety

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the most common kind of neurosis, which is mainly characterized by anxiety emotional experience. It can be divided into two forms: generalized anxiety, and panic attack.

The main manifestations are: nervous without clear objective objects, and autonomic nerve dysfunction symptoms, such as palpitation, hand shaking, sweating, frequent urination, and motor restlessness.


What causes anxiety?

At present, the reason is not clear, which may be related to genetic factors, personality characteristics, cognitive process,  life events, biochemistry, physical diseases and so on.

Why and how could crystal assist with managing anxiety?

People who believe natural energy describes stress and anxiety as an energy imbalance of the body, the energy is suppose to flow smoothly around our body, but if some part of our body (chakra) is blocked, illness will come.

Crystal healing for anxiety or other illness is trying to rebalance our body's energy. Boost our own immune system to resist the influence of various adverse factors.

Simply hold the healing crystals and stones in hand or put them on your chakra,  feel the crystal inject the positive energy into your chakras and the negative energy flows out. You will feel deeply calm, relax and stress relief during and after the healing session.

Crystals for anxiety

1. Amethyst


Amethyst is the crystal for helping us open and active the third eye chakra, it could nourished our mind with positive energy to feel calm, relax and peaceful. The stress, chaos or worried will be cleared away. The deep purple color has the function to make everything around become calm immediately. 

Simply wearing the amethyst as jewelry or put a cluster in our space will see the result and benefit.

2. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is the mother of other crystals, it conveys the unconditional love to us. It is the heart chakra stone which gives us confidence and encourage to face the challenge world. Helping us to look at the world from a softer and more compassionate perspective.

When we become more gentle and empathy, we will also become more loving ourselves, and we will find a gentle way to deal with our stress and anxiety will gone.

Wearing rose quartz as jewelry or putting it in pocket will help.

3. Clear quartz

clear quartz

Its the healing crystal for the crown chakra, helping us to find out our purpose of life. Connection with the spiritual world will improve our mental health to another level, the stress and anxiety will no longer a problem.

Clear quartz is also crystal for cleansing, it will absorb the negative thoughts, clear your mind and leave the space for positive energy.

Simply wearing clear quartz jewelry will help.

4. Smoky quartz


Smoky quartz is the grounded crystal, it will absorb your negative energy and carry them for you , so you will  have more room for positive minds.

It is also the healing crystal for sacral chakra, wearing it as jewelry will give your encourage to express yourself and enhance your confidence.

5. Selenite

Selenite contains high vibrational energy, you will be injected into bright energy, any dark or negative energy or mind will have no space anymore. It is a very powerful crystal for releasing anxiety. It also can purify your whole body's energy to raise into a higher level vibration.

Keep selenite around you is a good idea for assisting curing anxiety.

Disclaimer: Healing crystals are kind of assisting of treating anxiety and other mental health issues, they cannot substitute medical advice. Professional help is suggested for any of issues mentioned above.

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