What exactly is chakra and how to activate chakras?

Chakras are becoming more and more popular nowadays, but what exactly is chakra and how to activate chakras are still many people's question. Today lets finding out the answers.

  • What exactly is chakra?
  •  Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel or cycle. It is recorded in the Veda, the classic of ancient Indian traditional medicine book. Chakras are also the center of human energy located in the central axis of the body. There a 7 chakras in the human body in total, they mainly affect people's psychological state. The chakras located at the lower part of the body mainly dominate the instinctive part, while the chakras near the top of the body affect thinking part.


    Ideally, all chakras play a positive role in our emotions and feelings. But in reality, some chakras are not active enough to function.

    The 7 chakras are Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

    Next lets go through details of the 7 chakras.

  • Details of the 7 Chakras
  • 1) Root Chakra

    Location: The end of the spine.

    Color: red

    Function: When life presents you with struggles and challenges, you still feel safe. Overcome conflicts and break through the old beliefs brought by our parents and even our ancestors.

    When blocked or not active enough: Fear of change.

     2) Sacral Chakra

     Location: below the bellybutton

    Color: orange

    Function: You stand up for your needs, say "no" to whatever take away your happy life, and stop seeking company with those who try to disappoint you.

    When blocked or not active enough: Happiness is frozen, which makes us feel guilty when we can't appreciate ourselves or when we do well but others are unhappy.

      3) Solar Plexus Chakra

    Location: Stomach area

    Color: yellow

    Function: It's the chakra of personal power, related to our self-esteem and confidence.

    When blocked or not active enough: Fear of lose control, when we try to maintain control, we are using forced effort, not strength. When we force things rather than let them flow naturally, sooner or later we will pay the price.

     4) Heart Chakra

    Location : center of chest, just above the heart.

    Color: green

    Function: First, love yourself, and then share love with others. Believe that you are sufficient. You have all the resources. You have all the abilities, wisdom, strength and creativity you need to create the life you want.

    When blocked or not active enough:  When our happiness comes mainly from external sources rather than from inside, we rely on others to achieve happiness. This is a feeling of disappointment and rejection. You will feel you don't deserve love.

     5) Throat Chakra

     Location: the throat

    Color: blue

    Function: Communicate truly, say what we really think, create a space that is real.

    When blocked or not active enough: Afraid to say what you really think

     6) The third eye Chakra

     Location: on the forehead, between the eyes

     Color: Indigo

    Function: It perceives the true nature of things, it can be connected to your wisdom guide, it can let us see the laws of the universe to clarify the path of our destiny.

    When blocked or not active enough: Don't trust your intuition, suppressing the voice of intuition and making choices will lead us to get stuck somewhere and stay away from our own growth path.

     7) Crown Chakra

    Location: Top of the head

    Color: White

    Function: It represents our connection to our life’s purpose and spirituality.      

    When blocked or not active enough: Do not recognize your divine nature, the extreme situation is become completely unconscious.


  • How to active chakras?
  •  1) open Root Chakra

    Let the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index finger touch, focus on the position of the root chakra.

    Chanting the "LAM" tone.

            open root chakra

      2) open Sacral Chakra

     Place your palms on your knees, palms facing up, your left palm down, right palm up, overlapping your palms. The palm of the left hand touches the fingers of the right hand. The thumbs of both hands touch lightly.

    Focus on the position of the Sacral chakra.

    Chanting the "VAM" tone.

    open sacral chakra

    3) Open Solar Plexus Chakra

    Place palms in front of stomach. Keep the fingers of both hands connected at the top, all pointing outwards. The thumbs are staggered. Fingers must be straight.

    Focus on the position of the spine of the solar plexus chakra.

    Chanting the "RAM" tone.

     open solar chakra

    4) Open Heart Chakra

    Sit with feet crossed so that the tips of your index fingers and thumbs touch. Placeleft palm on left knee and right hand under  chest but above the stomach.

    Focus on the heart chakra on the spine.

    Chanting the "YAM" tone.

    open heart chakra

     5) open Throat Chakra

    Cross the fingers in the palm and touch the thumbs of both hands lightly on the top.

    Gently lift the thumb up.

    Chanting the "HAM" tone.

          open throat chakra

     6) open the Third Eye Chakra

    Place palms under chest. Straighten the middle finger forward and touch the tips of the two middle fingers. The other fingers bend and point towards you, and bend at the second knuckle of the fingertips, touch them in pairs. Two thumbs touch and point to yourself.

    Focus on the third eye chakra.

    Chanting "OM" or "AUM" tones.

    open third eye chakra 

    7) open Crown Chakra

    Place palms in front of abdomen. Let the fingertips of your ring finger face upwards. The other fingers are interlaced, and the left thumb is under the right thumb.

    Focus on the crown chakra.

    Chanting the "NG" tone.

          open crown chakra

    Note: Start the meditation of opening the top chakra ONLY AFTER you have built up strong energy of bottom Chakras (must have a good foundation before this step)

  • Crystals for 7 chakras
  • 1) Crystals for Root Chakra: black obsidian, black agate, black meteorite, red agate, garnet

    2) Crystals for Sacral Chakra: sunlight stone, smoky quartz

    3) Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra:  citrine, blonde, topaz, tiger eye

    4) Crystals for Heart Chakra: rose quartz, pink tourmaline, pink Chalcedony,  green rutilated Quartz, green aventurine, prehnite

    5) Crystals for throat Chakra: Aquamarine, blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, labradorite, blue tourmaline

    6) Crystals for the third eye Chakra: Purple chalcedony, fluorite, amethyst

    7) Crystals for Crown Chakra:  clear quartz, white crystal


  • How to use crystals to open or active chakras

    Crystals can be placed directly on the points of the chakra or around the chakra for healing. You can also put the crystal on the point where you feel pain or discomfort. Crystals can help gather energy directly into the body in order to get the most energy from the most needed points. Using crystals on chakras can prevent and heal diseases at the same time.

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